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Excellent opportunity to become a part of Indian Association of York. You will meet Indian Professionals, Business Owners, and have enormous Networking opportunities. This is an excellent opportunity to develop a social circle and make new, lifelong friends. Who knows…you may even find some old connections too!


There are many benefits to becoming a member of the IAOY. For example, the IAOY is a great way to preserve our culture and it is the best way to pass it on to our children. As a member, you can attend most events for free.

  • FREE for members or very nominal fee for guest entry to all the Dandia events of the year! IAOY generally does about one Dandia events during Navratri every year.

  • FREE for members to join summer picnic where there is you will find lots of Indian food, various types of games/activity for children and adults like volleyball and cricket. (Every year, IAOY organizes the picnic at one of York County's biggest park for our community during the summer every year.On top of everything, all members get to feel the Indian touch of the original Indian traditions and festivals which is priceless!    


Membership Fees:

  • $20*/per calendar year (Jan-Dec) per family per residential address

                  * Subject to change year over year


Please mail your check (Payable to India Association of York) 

Mailing Address - 2536 Eastern Boulevard, Suite 444, YORK, PA 17402



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